John Lusink

Newmarket Businessman Works to Improve Community

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada – November 28, 2012 – John Lusink, a Newmarket businessman, is working hard to improve his community in a variety of ways. From youth soccer coach to charitable gifts, from sitting on the boards of charities to being a trustee for same, Mr. Lusink has made the commitment to make Newmarket a better place to live for everyone.

Believing that community involvement is important to the lives of his neighbors, this real estate professional with more than a quarter of a century of experience in the Newmarket, Toronto, and Kingston markets has made himself available to many charities and foundations. Among them, Mr. Lusink is a Trustee for Awesome Foundation Newmarket, a grass-roots program dedicated to promoting education and community programs for Newmarket youth. He is also a long-time coach and sponsor of the Boys U16 Newmarket Soccer Club, an active supporter of the Royal LePage Women’s Shelter Foundation, which provides shelter and relief for abused women and their children, an active member of the disciplinary committee of the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

Beyond his degree from Queen’s University, Mr. Lusink has also completed a number of specialized certificate level programs in real estate and business coaching and is, in fact, a Co-owner and Managing Partner of Royal LePage York North Realty, a national real estate franchise and leader in the marketplace. Mr. Lusink is also a certified Focal Point Business Coach, and the proud owner of a Focal Point Business Coach Franchise.

Content for the FocalPoint coaching program was developed by Brian Tracy, a recognized leader in helping people find more time, build better teams, and generate more profit. By partnering his own passion with the expertise of Brian Tracy’s tested and proven concepts, Mr. Lusink has provided, and continues to provide, outstanding value to his clients. It is this approach to ethical, responsible business practices which has fostered in Mr. Lusink his belief that it is simply good business to give back to his community.

By sharing his hard-won knowledge and experience, gained through more than 25 years of doing business in the Toronto and Newmarket areas for Re/Max and Re/Max Premier, and now for Royal LePage York North Realty, John Lusink is uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of know-how and expertise to the benefit of his community. He has always been happy to offer his talents in business development, marketing, strategic planning, and operational planning to those in his community who can benefit from his experience.

Mr. Lusink is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, and has made it his goal to mentor to any and all who need him.

John Lusink is a Trustee of the local chapter of the Awesome Foundation. The Newmarket Chapter of the Awesome Foundation awards $1000 each month to individuals or organizations that promote prosperity, education, community involvement, and education to the youth of Newmarket. No idea is too small for consideration and all are encouraged to apply. Individuals or groups can apply through an online application at Awesome Foundation, Newmarket Chapter.

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