Silence is Golden!

I am very greatful to be part of the Toronto Real Estate Board of Directors.  This is a group of some of the finest professionals in the business who often share their wisdom at our regular board meetings.

At a recent meeting, the topic of “beware who might be listening/watching” when you show a home came up.  It was shocking to hear that more and more sellers are aparently using various devices to record sales people and or their clients’ activities when looking at their home.

It seems a few are doing this for security reasons, however, it also seems that more of them are undertaking this approach to possibly gain an advantage during the negotiation process.  According to one of the Directors there is a case pending where a seller found out some information which they did not appreciate and are taking the buyer and their sales person to task for.

I would suggest to any Realtor showing prospective buyers through a home, that he/she have a conversation ahead of time to warn them to refrain from making any comments that could harm their negotiating position or could be perceived as negative or worse, offensive in nature.

It seems that one of the age old rules, “Silence is Golden”, may be the order of the day.  It truly is a “buyer beware” (and Realtor beware) world out there.

One thought on “Silence is Golden!

  1. Knowledge is Power, and it seems people are out to gain whatever advantage they can, whether openly or surreptitiously. A recent LinkedIn thread advised Realtors NOT to leave business cards when showing a property, since this alone might reveal something about negotiating strategy, and therefore not be in the Buyer client’s best interest. As they said during WWII, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.

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