What are the Keys to a Successful Career as a Realtor?

Key to Success #4: Find a Mentor

As we work our way through this series about building a successful career as a realtor, it occurs to me that one of the most important keys is to associate with other successful realtors. In fact, finding another successful realtor who is willing to act as your mentor, to teach, support, and encourage you regularly, may be the most important key to success you will find.

A professional mentor will provide support and direction

It is a truism of human nature that we tend to surround ourselves with others with similar beliefs and who behave similarly. It’s a comfort thing, because that which is familiar is comfortable to us. This makes sense, when you think about it, for what would be the point of surrounding ourselves with people who constantly make us uneasy? That is no way to live, and it is certainly no way to become successful in business, whatever your chosen career may be.

However, there comes a time in every person’s life when challenges must be accepted – and met; times when we must leave our comfort zone and find new ways to take action for success. A mentor is the perfect foil for this time, being there for you to help you choose your new direction and to support you on the road to success, no matter how uncomfortable you may at first be. This type of direction and support from another successful realtor can be invaluable.

Your mentor will be there for you when you find yourself at your least comfortable, when the world seems completely out of balance and your professional life seems out of your control. As your guide through these uncharted waters, he or she will be there to ensure that you don’t lose your way and to offer support and assistance in reaching your ultimate destination. For the struggling realtor, a professional mentor can be the most valuable tool you will ever find to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Once you’ve reached that success, it is time to offer yourself as a mentor to the next generation of realtors, returning the help you received when you were struggling.

Here is to an ongoing and successful online relationship…
John Lusink, CCIM, Broker of Record & Managing Partner of Royal LePage York North Realty

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