How to Be a Better Realtor in 2013

Last week I asked the question, Were You The Best Realtor You Could Be in 2012? In this post, I suggested that there is no better time than right now, as we head into a new year and a new selling season, to make an objective assessment of your performance during the past year, emphasizing that this was the first step to becoming a better, more professional realtor. Now that you have made that assessment of your performance, as I’m sure all of us have done, it’s time to take the next step.

How do you become a better realtor?

Beyond my career as a realtor and Broker of Record for my own Royal LePage Offices in Newmarket, I am also a FocalPoint Business Coach, certified by Brian Tracy International to help other business owners become more successful in both their professional and personal lives. Since good business practices cross all boundaries and all niches, regardless of the specifics of your individual business, I would like to offer seven principles for good business practices borrowed directly from the teachings of Brian Tracy.

The 7 Good Habits of Successful People

  1. Be Goal Oriented. I’ve mentioned it before, an I’ll keep on mentioning it; when you make a habit of setting goals, you will become more successful
  2. Be Result Oriented. Focus and time management are critical to success. Without a focus on results, we simply founder. Without effective time management, we waste energy, money, and effort.
  3. Be Action Oriented. Laser focus and effective time management lead to purposeful action; which leads to better results. It is a complimentary circle of effective effort.
  4. Be People Oriented. By focusing on relationships you place people at the center of your world. Develop the habits of patience, kindness, compassion and understanding and you will become happier in your personal life – and in your business life.
  5. Be Health Oriented. The most important tool you possesses for living and enjoying your life is your body. It goes without saying – almost – that caring for your physical health is critical to happiness and success. Don’t forget this.
  6. Stay Honest. With yourself and with others. The previously mentioned objective assessment of your performance during the past year is merely the first step; next you must evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses – objectively – and work hard to enhance and/or improve them.
  7. Be Self-Disciplined. By doing what needs to be done – when it must be done – you build the habit of self-discipline. Perform the least attractive tasks first, and leave the easier more attractive tasks for later and you will soon discover that the discipline this enforces has made those distasteful tasks much easier.

Multiple studies into human behavior have proven two things: developing a habit takes about 21 days of conscious effort, and 95% of your habits will determine you behavior on a daily basis. This means that it takes only three weeks for you to change bad habits into good ones, which have nearly a 100% chance of improving your life.

Dude, what are you waiting for?

Here is to an ongoing and successful online relationship…
John Lusink, CCIM, Broker of Record & Managing Partner of Royal LePage York North Realty

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