7 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of a Client’s Home

As a professional realtor, it is your responsibility to ensure that your client receives maximum value for the home they wish to sell, which will also lead to a maximum commission for you, of course. By taking this responsibility seriously you prove your worth, and your professionalism. Let’s take a quick look at seven cheap and easy things you can recommend your client do to increase the value of their home prior to placing it on the market.

How to help your client increase the value of their home

In a recent article directed at an audience of potential home sellers, 7 Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home, at the website PrizeQuestion.com, it was recommended that the home owner spend a bit of cash and elbow grease to improve their home for the appreciation of potential buyers. I could not agree more and, as the professional advisor to the seller, it is your responsibility to make sure they do the things required to get the best possible price for their property.

From the article, here are the 7 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of a Client’s Home

  1. Hire an ethical, professional realtor. You are that professional so do your job for the client and help them understand the marketplace, as well as what potential buyers are looking for.
  2. Hire a Certified Home Inspector – before you try to sell your home. If you do not already have a relationship with a competent, certified home inspector, get busy building one right away. Neither you, the homeowner, nor the eventual buyer will be pleased with unknown problems coming up after the sale has been made.
  3. Clean it up! As you well know, a cluttered home will have little appeal. Some elbow grease and a deep cleaning of the home can do wonders for impressing potential buyers. If your home seller is lazy, you may even need to get in there and help.
  4. Slap some paint on the interior. When considered against potential profit, a few gallons of paint on the interior of the home are cheap indeed. Plus, the “New House” smell that results will be a huge incentive to potential buyers.
  5. Clean up the yards – both front and back. A bad first impression can kill a deal more quickly than anything else. Get those yards cleaned up right away.
  6. Take care of the details – even if you never have before. In other words, DO sweat the small stuff. You’re the pro, so let them know that cracked switch plates and “a few” broken tiles will cost them big time.
  7. Get them out of the way. After the work is done and it is time to show the home, get your client out of the house. You don’t need their “help” selling their home and, as experience will show, they will only get in the way.

It is amazing to me how few homeowners are willing to make these small investments in time and effort to make the house they are trying to sell more appealing. It is even more amazing how few realtors will even suggest them. Take the time to sell them on these 7 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of a Client’s Home and you will not only sell more homes, you will also sell them for a greater price – and a greater commission.

Here is to an ongoing and successful online relationship…
John Lusink, CCIM, Broker of Record & Managing Partner of Royal LePage York North Realty

What are the Keys to a Successful Career as a Realtor?

Key to Success #5: Qualify

When sales people and sales trainers speak of “Qualifying” the customer, they are actually talking about asking questions; trying to find out exactly what the client is looking for in an effort to provide it for them. Call me silly but, when I think of qualifying the customer, I think of listening more than speaking; something I call “active listening.” I think of creating a situation in which I will allow the client to specify exactly what they want and, by listening, helping them to discover what that actually is.

Active listening is the key to qualifying your client

In my experience in the Canadian real estate market, a career that spans nearly 30 years of commercial and residential sales and leasing experience, I have learned that many, if not most, clients do not in fact have a clear understanding of just what they want from their new property. It is through the qualifying process that I help them to discover their own wants and needs, to outline them clearly for themselves and for me, and then help them find the property that will satisfy them. This can only be done through active listening.

To qualify something, according to the dictionary, is to characterize, or stipulate, or specify; to place conditions on that thing to make sure it will measure-up to one’s expectations. Because so many of our clients do not have a clear idea of what is possible, it is up to us, the professional realtor, to help them determine the specifications of the property they are looking for and this can only be done through active listening.

For me, active listening is a measured, purposeful response to the needs of the client. It is trying to understand what they are not saying just as clearly as I understand what they are saying. It is the application of my own knowledge and experience to what I am hearing from my client, which will enable me to ask the questions that will guide them, and me, toward discovering more clearly exactly what they need.

The qualifying process in sales is just that – a process. It is not a simple question/answer session to be gotten through as quickly as possible but instead, at least for the professional sales person, it is a journey of discovery that is led by the sales rep with a goal of discovery for all involved.

Here is to an ongoing and successful online relationship…
John Lusink, CCIM, Broker of Record & Managing Partner of Royal LePage York North Realty