How To Choose A Realtor

When choosing a realtor, there are many different things to consider because buying a home or a property is probably going to be the largest purchase you ever make.  Your realtor must be a member of the National Association of Realtors and one that is current on all the new real estate and lending laws and practices.  You will want a realtor who is professional and one that is working for you because believe it, or not, all agents are not working for their client.

Referrals are always a good way to find a realtor and, of course the internet is another great way to narrow the choices down in your area.  The important thing to remember is your realtor works for you, and you do not work for the realtor.  They need to be available to you during the entire house hunting and selling process.  They should be able to answer your questions, or direct you to the proper agencies or people who can adequately answer any questions you may have during the process.

The realtor should be responsive, and although they have other clients they are working with, they need to be available to you, and provide the best customer service.  Realtors are working on commission, and because it is a good commission, they need to work hard, be thorough, detailed and helpful.

The realtors at Royal LePage York North Realty will get the job done for their clients.  With a strong work ethic and moral integrity, you can rest assured you will get the best property or the most for your property sale.  They will help you find a mortgage lender that will get you the best interest rate possible based on your credit and history.  They will uncover all helpful information regarding the property and surrounding areas so you will go into the sale very educated.

Many people who have never bought a home, or never sold a home, do not know the ins and outs of the real estate process.  There are many inspections, appraisals and reports that need to be prepared, and these can be financially burdensome for the buyer or seller.  Our realtors will get you the best products for the most affordable price and make sure that nothing slows down the closing process.

It is important that homebuyers and sellers are comfortable and confident in their realtor.  There is a lot of stress that goes into buying and selling a property and having someone competently work for you will alleviate that unwanted frustration of the real estate process.