On a recent coaching call with a top performing team they used the word “chaos” to describe how things were currently going.  Merriam-Webster defines Chaos as follows: a state of things in which chance is supreme; the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system; a state of utter confusion.

All three definitions imply a lack of control!  Further questioning led to some interesting conclusions.  Firstly, the market is the market.  Whether up, down, balanced, it is not to blame for a lack of business nor is it to blame for a lack of client commitment.  Ultimately, Realtors are totally in control of their own destiny and if they follow a disciplined approach to their operations then their production will reflect those efforts accordingly.

In this case, looking at 2016 production, they realized that over 85% of their transactions came from their sphere of influence.  Quite an astounding feat given the fact that another conclusion was that they were not communicating at all regularly with their database – no calls, personal visits, newsletter, or any other value offerings.

A recent assignment for an EMBA class involved reviewing what the most important skills were for new Realtors to succeed in real estate sales.  I suggested the following: Perseverance, Knowledge and Discipline/Focus.  The last one is the key attribute that helps agents avoid “chaos”.  Here is my short comment on it: One of the areas that I see major differences between those Realtors who are successful and those who struggle is that the successful Realtor has control of and over their time.  They pre-plan their day, week, month and year and generally do not stray from the plan.  The new Realtor typically does not stick to their plan for the week and consequently ends up chasing their own tails.

Planning is essential to having and maintaining an element of control.  If there is no business plan then your ship has no way to navigate the chaotic waters.  Furthermore, without a pre-planned set of actions for the next day, week, or month, everyone else but you will have control over your day, week and month.

There are lots of ways to gain control and the first might be to ask for help or look for an accountability partner.  Either way – get started!

Whether you say you can or you can’t, you’re right. Walt Disney