What do you do?

“So, what do you do for a living?”  A question that most Realtors struggle to answer with any degree of clarity, conviction and enthusiasm.  In a previous posting, I discussed the need for us to define our purpose as this sets the stage for how we approach our business and most importantly how we conduct ourselves during the course of helping clients.

I recently watched an excellent short video on this exact topic by Brendon Burchard, the online trainer, author, thought leader.  He proposes a simple framework to come up with the answer, which, if anything, will help you stand out from all the others who say things like “I help people buy or sell houses”, or, “I help people with their most important purchase ever”.  These are usually the same people who when asked why they are in real estate struggle to come up with a really authentic answer.  Here is Brendon’s framework:

I help X (your audience) ______________________________ Do/Understand Y (your topic) ______________________________ So that they can Z (benefits) ______________________________ Example: X: I help authors, speakers, coaches, and thought leaders Y: discover, share, and monetize their content and advice Z: so that they can earn revenue and make a difference.

For more on this from Bredon Burchard I encourage you to get his book, The Millionaire Messenger.  It is a quick read and will help identify a number of really important issues like this so that you are clear, focused and can enthusiastically get across how you help your clients improve their lives.

Having done this myself, here is what I came up with;

I help Realtors (real estate solo-preneurs) create, build and run, highly effective and profitable businesses so they can earn more $$ per hour and have a great life!

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